Notes from Your Acupuncturist is currently on pause.

If you’re interested in browsing through my back catalog, you’ll find a collection of reflections on healing, acceptance and self-love, based on inspiration from my patients and colleagues. My name is Alexa Bradley Hulsey and I’ve been studying and practicing acupuncture for over two decades. This medicine is about so much more than needles; it’s about finding and understanding your place in the universe. I love sharing the the beauty of it with others.

I hope you’ll find something useful, interesting, or inspiring here, and that these reflections will invite some self-care into your own life. They’re meant to be shared, so please pass them along!

Even though this publication is on hold, you’re welcome to subscribe, so you can be notified once I start publishing again. Thanks for being here.

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Reflections and conversations on acupuncture, healing, acceptance and self-love.


Licensed Acupuncturist writing and podcasting about acupuncture, healing, acceptance and self-love.